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  1. J

    360 panoramas at Bocairent

    This are my first panoramas with the inspire 2, still need to improve the exposure with the x5s, some hilighs are burned, but i think its a good start. http://panoramicasaereas.es/panorama/bocairent/
  2. C

    Autoflight Autopilot - Pano mode - Inspire 2 X5S - Error -3002

    Hi, I bought AUTOPILOT now for 360^ photos and it is not working on Inspire 2 / x5s.. I'm frustrated .. can anyone help me please? Drone capture first photo and next: " Camera is busy or the command is not supported in the cameraś current state (code:-3002)
  3. I

    UK F360 mounting bracket for Inspire 1

    Hi all, Does anyone have details or experience on how where to buy a mounting bracket for F360 camera Pole for inspire 1 with instructions?
  4. stevet

    Quick 360 Pano Lake Tahoe

    Just thought I would share a 360 pano I did this morning which is a combination of 34 photos from my Inspire 1. I had a bit of a challenge since it just stopped snowing for a few minutes to get the bird up in the air. First thing I had was the battery was to cold.. I guess its getting that...
  5. William Gaddy

    Stereoscopic VR 360 on an Inspire...

    Experimental footage and B roll from mounting two 360Fly cameras to the aft end of a DJI Inspire 1 Pro V2 Google cardboard recommended, but not necessary. If you're lucky enough to have an Oculus (like me) you can also watch it in higher resolution here: Test of Dual 360Fly Cameras on a...
  6. William Gaddy

    DJI Inspire transgender transformation

    Ok, so I custom machined the DJI Inspire V1 Pro backplate, tapped it for a 1/4"-20 mount, then attached two 360Fly VR cameras on a multiplate so I could shoot some stereoscopic 360 VR video... and for some reason, I kinda stared at it for a while, quizzically, head cocked. "Why does this look...
  7. I


  8. F

    360 3D cameras for Inspire 1

    Hello! I'm looking for the best 360° 3D camera system that fits Inspire 1. It has not been easy to find a solid device for that, because most of the projects has not been realeased yet. Many 360° cameras are planned to come to the market this year, but in the next month I'm starting a big...