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  1. lukeraffertyvisuals

    SOLD: Inspire 2 Controller for Sale (New)

    UPDATED Dec 1 Hello! I was able to sell all of my other Inspire 2 accessories; and just have this left. I’m based in Philadelphia and will ship the controller for free anywhere in the USA vi FedEx. Price in USD. DJI INSPIRE 2 Remote Controller — $375 Was only ever used for (1) flight ever...
  2. S

    Inspire 1 for sale (Needs repair)

    I wiped out with my Inspire 1 yesterday. Rolled it at a slow speed. Damage doesn’t appear to be that bad but instead of fixing, I’m using this opportunity to buy a Mavic instead. It's better suited for my line of work. It only appears to need a few parts. Camera is ok, no scratches. Comes with...
  3. Presman


    Looking for a spark remote, batteries, case, ect... Let me know what you have. Thanks!
  4. pdaiproductions

    Inspire 2 Accessories For Sale

    DJI CineSSD 480GB - $810 (SOLD) DJI CineSSD Station - $100 (SOLD) Polar Pro 6-Pack Filter for DJI Zenmuse X5/X5R - $150 Hoodman Drone Aviator Hood Kit iPad Mini (Includes HAV1 & HAV1E) - $50 Willing to do a deal on the SSD+Reader together. All serious offers accepted. Buyer pays shipping...
  5. We Talk UAV

    Lightake Does Its Version with MavicPro Accessories

    Many uses with business is completed with the MavicPro drone. Therefore, accessories are important. Lightake sent us a list and a video to boot. Is this a good value? Certainly the video brings this detail to light on Mavic accessories. Which brings the following below: This charger charges...
  6. ReesAerials

    Where to buy...

    I wanted to throw a very HUGE thank you to @Florida Drone Supply. I placed my order with AMP one month ago today. I ordered the Inspire 2 premium combo kit, largely because of their case, and several accessories (batteries, SSDStation, CINESSD, second remote). Being one month out from when I...
  7. D

    Harness for controller?

    Does anyone know of a good harness for an inspire controller? Any experience with the Zero Gravity harness?
  8. S

    Inspire 1 + accessories for sale

    Hey guys! So i'm selling my inspire 1! Details: Reason for sale - Not using it that much, although some of the clients I get hire me because they know I have this drone, I'm not too fond of being hired just to fly drones. I like filming, and for me a drone is just an accessory. I rather use a...
  9. S

    Inspire 1 Accessories

    Hey guys My 3d printing "business" has increased in size and productivity, and so I'm now able to afford cheaper prices. Doing some new prices and discounts, check out my etsy store if you need any of those accessories. All of those that I have for sale I personally use - let me know if there...
  10. S

    Inspire 1 Accessories - get them while they are hot :)

    Hey! I have posted here before when I first created my Etsy store. I'm new on Etsy, and apparently I didn't setup a paypal account for payments. That's clever right? Now the store is all good, and a few new accessories coming real soon (today probably) The picture sucks, just took one...