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  1. MrTVR

    Photo settings reset after video - a bug?

    I often use exposure bracketing (AEB) for my still photographs but have noticed that the photo settings are reset to 'single shot' every time I record video. This does not happen on the I1 so I am guessing that it is a bug in the I2? I hope it's just a bug (and not a design feature) and that...
  2. ViewpointUAV

    Dumb question? Which ones are the HDR files on Inspire1?

    Hi all, been flying my I1 for nearly a year now, mostly shooting video. Have recently dipped my toe into HDR images and after shooting various shots in AEB and HDR along with single shots, I cannot seem to work out which ones are which? Have done a cmd + I (on mac), no real way of telling...