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  1. niki

    Over the Rocks of Belogradchik

    After a quick spring trip of our team to the rocks of Belogradchik we've created a short video impression of that amazing place just for the fun. Hope you'll like it. All shots where made with Inspire 1 and X5R camera, 25mm lens and ND filter. The editing and the color grading where made in...
  2. R

    First Wedding Video - ALL Drone footage plus Things I Learned

    Hey drone flyers! I tried out my very first wedding video plus it's fully shot by drone. I did it for free as my friend asked me to, but because of that I couldn't really give directions to people as to what I wanted them to do or where to go. I listed the things that I learned and hopefully...
  3. I

    Understanding Exposure, and getting out of Auto

    On the quest to master the myriad of on-board tools that help get that kill shot with the DJI Drones. How to get Killer Images With DJI Mavic Pro Drone - ikopta
  4. I

    Work Broadcast on BBC

    So, incase your not into #Euro2016, have some work being broadcast on BBC4 tonight GMT 20:00 Used Inspire 1 Pro with 15mm & 14-42mm lens Britain's Lost Waterlands: Escape to Swallows and Amazons Country - BBC Four
  5. I

    Trying to make Roads look sexy. FAIL

    Trying to make a trunk road look sexy. Failed at trying to throw it down with DA kids. Shot with Inspire pro X5 15mm lens
  6. I

    Test shoot of the 14-42mm Lens Video.

    So was bad, and used the 14-42mm on a test shoot, The zoom pull wouldn't work as a cinematic shot, just wayyy too jumpy. Good for setups thought. has a zoom shot included Set up shots with zoom
  7. Burlingtonfilms

    2016 Aerial Reel

    Hi everyone, I finished editing my new reel, let me know what you think. All of the clips were shot with the Inspire 1 and X3 camera. Combination of 4K 24p shots and 1080p 60p shots. Have a good day.
  8. Trey Player

    Epic shot!

  9. M

    12 images merged

    This is a composition of 12 images merged in Photoshop to create a big and detailed file, form an old train station in Mexico city. Hope you like it
  10. Diego torroija

    Time of day and Lighting

    As a cinematographer shooting with a 12.5 stop dynamic range cameras is not much, when picking the right time a day and lighting conditions and use proper filtration can make a big difference. Here are some test I have been doing with the X5 camera with different lenses. For now I used the...
  11. Richard Kohler

    Inspire 1 Test Video for Hotel Industry 4K - Riviera Maya Mexico

    I was very hesitant to buy a drone for my business since quality and size was always an issue specially when traveling to shoots with all the other equipment and dealing with customs... Gave the Inspire a try after owing a phantom 2+ ( I never used it for productions because of the lack of image...
  12. inspirejoe

    Australia coastal - inspire 1

  13. AerialMediaPros

    Drones Etc. Using Copyrighted NDVI images and Data from competitors?

    Hey guys, AerialMediaPros has been having issues with competitors using copyrighted photos and webpage material for their own website. The latest is DronesEtc. making carbon copies of our images and website material to relocate precision ag NDVI professionals over to their site. We have worked...