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  1. drones4india

    Statutory guidelines for use of fertilizers from drones

    Hello ALL recently I came across the news that GOI (Indian Gov) has announced guidelines for use of pesticides from drone in India Can anyone share that ?? Thanks in advance
  2. Brandon

    Drones for Ag Discussion on CommercialDronePilots

    Hey all. We've launched a new forum dedicated to commercial drone applications. Join the ag discussion with drone pilots using all kinds of drone platforms here: Commercial Drone Pilots Forum
  3. S


    Hello, I am from New Zealand and trying to understand how drones are used in Agriculture. If any ranchers from the USA have 2 minutes to spare to complete a survey for me i would be most appreciative. Tot-up questions Survey Thank you.
  4. A

    Parrot Sequoia for sale - Brand New

    I recently purchased this sensor for an Agri-Drone startup business. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I will no longer be continuing with the venture. This device has never been used and its brand new. All trial software licenses that come the device are unused. Purchase brand new for $5,000...
  5. dev_willis

    Is anyone using drones to spray?

    Hi! I'm very interested in the idea of using drones, like the DJI Agras models, to spray crops, trees, turf or even lawns. Is anyone currently doing this kind of work? What hardware and software do you use? How reliable is it?
  6. rdweaver

    Aerial Shots of Fendt Tractor mowing

    Shot this of a Fendt 722 tractor with a Potttinger mower Shot with my DJI Inspire 1 and X3 camera and my Osmo. I would appreciate constructive feedback!
  7. C

    convert X3 camera to NDVI

    Hello fellow Inspire fans, I am going to convert my X3 to NDVI specs. I read all the pros and cons, it's not perfect I know. Some offer NIR+red lenses, others offer NIR+blue. I guess they'll both work. But what I can't understand is the following: If I replace the original lens with a lens...
  8. D

    Pix4d Range Issues

    I am new to Pix4d. Just wondering if anyone has experienced any fly aways or any strange errors occurring while using pix4d and an inspire. I was told that the transmitter range is much much shorter than a standard flight with an inspire. Any intel would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Renan Davila

    Greetings from Ecuador

    Hi Guys! My name is Renan and just bought a couple months ago a DJI Inspire1, my goal is to start a Drone based business, I'm not quite sure on which industry to focus, but I will give try on the AG or Environmental monitoring, but not sure yet. Any advice is welcome! So far I work as an IT...
  10. TheSaffer

    Where? NDVI X3 camera or conversion in the UK?

    Hi, I would like to ask if anyone can tell me where I can get a NDVI conversion done on a X3 camera? Or better still, buy one outright in the UK? I would also be happy to change the lense myself if needed. I might as well also ask if anyone knows of other equipment thats compatible with an...
  11. A

    holy.. DJI's new MG-1 drone released, for agricultural application

    MG-1 Front by Aeoutsider posted Nov 27, 2015 at 10:26 AM I've always been watching for things DJI's doing, never found them doing something apart from application of imaging, today I got news from one of my friend telling that they released a new drone for agricultural application. I gotta take...