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  1. M

    Move from Samsung to iPhone 8

    It seems the app works more smoothly on iPhone 8. My previous phone was Samsung Galaxy S7. Any one did the same as me? If yes, would you please tell me how to transfer my text messages on S7 to iPhone 8? Thanks in advance
  2. SOCAL 1

    Switched from ipad mini to Nvidia Shield K1 Not working

    The ipad mini works fine with go app and Litchi. I picked up a Nvidia shield K1 and all I can see is disconnected.. The question I have is do I have to do something to pair that to the controller. I have installed the apps to the Shield. Are there certain setting I need to modify in the shield...
  3. M

    Inspire 2 Tablet?

    Hello, I've just purchased an Inspire 2 but I'm still on the fence about what tablet to get for it. After reading many forum posts it seems like the DJI app works better on Apple products? Does everyone here agree? I've always been an Windows/Android guy but want to make sure I have the best...
  4. Stacy Cobb

    The Rigid and Adjustable Sunshade for Android Devices

    It's been hard for us to keep up with the many, many Android Devices. Unlike apple which has a few iPads for us to manufacture for. That's the reason we developed the UltraShade Series. The UltraShade 2016 adapts to your mid sized tablets and our UltraShade Mobile adapts to your android mobile...
  5. B

    battery life solutions using the DJI GO app

    I currently fly with my iPhone 6 to use the app features, and a SmallHD monitor for monitoring video. The monitor is powered by its own battery. But I only get two flights before the iPhone 6 battery is done. The app is a battery hog, and it is the weak link in my entire equation. On a job I...
  6. J

    Weak RC signal issues

    My Inspire 1 arrived back late Wednesday from the LA repair facility after a LONG visit. That being water over the dam, I’ll get into my latest issue. The DJI repair facility elected to replace my original Inspire that I flew since February. I anticipated some tasks that would be necessary to...
  7. C

    Samsung Note 4 Android v5.0.1 won't connect to v01.02.01.06 RC

    My Galaxy Tab 4 connects fine to both controllers, but it's running on Android version 4.4.2. I've verified the AC and RCs are all running on firmware version I've reinstalled the DJI Go app on the phone several times and tried various startup procedures to get it to connect to...