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  1. nandoarr

    NFZ / ATTI / Crystal Sky

    Hello there inspire friends, how you guys doing? I was doing a job yesterday and had to fly at a bridge, reaaaal close to a NFZ and several times the drone landed it self because of the NFZ. So i turn to ATTI and still the drone landed when got to the NFZ, almost landed in the river 3 times in...
  2. SilkyMilky

    M600 Defaulting to ATTI Mode During Flight

    Hello, We've been having a recurring issue with our M600 where it will default itself back into ATTI mode shortly after take off on each flight. This is an issue because we're attempting to do mapping work using Ground Station Pro, and when it snaps into ATTI mode it will abandon its mission...
  3. R

    Inspire 1Pro switches to ATTI and crashes

    Scary moments yesterday afternoon: after flying in P-GPS mode with 19 satellites present, I suddenly saw a message: "Compass error, exiting P-GPS mode" after which it switched to ATTI mode by itself; the controller still being in P-mode. What followed is funnily enough not recorded bij the DJI...