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  1. R

    Balancing the Olympus 9mm- 18mm?

    So I am looking for advice. I bought the rear balancing wieght ring works for tilt balance, but only if I add 2 quarters taped to the back which balances perfectly, but then the tilt is still very off. I have found that 2 additional quarters gaffer taped to the gimbal motors is the perfect...
  2. A

    Weight and Balance - Attaching a Panono 360 Camera

    I am hoping someone can educate me on weight and balance with the Inspire series. I just received my new 360 degree Panono camera and would like to mount it to the inspire but want to know if anyone knows if the DJI flight software adjusts prop speed to compensate for different weights. For...
  3. B

    Balancing Props on V2

    I can't find a rod that fits into the new Inspire 1 v2 quick release props. Any thoughts?
  4. Nick Stubbs

    Balancing X5 Gimbal

    Hi All, I just bought a stronger B & W 6 Stop ND filter for the Olympus 12mm and it is heavier than the last. The balance was out before switching on so I "blu-tacked" a 1p coin to the back of the X5 and a 2p coin to the side and it is balanced perfectly. Turns on and works ok but just...