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black edition

  1. PinpointUAVS

    Importance of Inspire 2 Body Colour?

    Hey folks! I’ve somewhat recently purchased an excellent condition, used, I2. I’ve researched quite heavily but can’t seem to find an answer as to why the body of my I2 is black, rather than grey. I’ve found lots of info regarding the inspire 1 black edition but only a speculation article about...
  2. Chnjab

    Inspire Pro Black Edition and Accessories

    Inspire Pro Black Edition (T601) with single controller(GL658C) in brand new condition very little use and never damaged whatsoever. Aircraft, X5 camera, controller, and APP have not been updated past the 11-24-15 firmware. (Later firmware updates manipulated video color, decreased available...
  3. D

    Black Inspire 1 With extras For Sale

    Hello drone enthusiasts, I am selling my Black Inspire 1 pro with the X5 camera and 2 additional lens along with uv Filter, 2 black batteries, 2 sets of 4 blades and the stock lens....I paid 6,000 for everything...will sell it for 5,000 or best offer....reason for selling it is that I am moving...
  4. Neil sulish


    Ok My Black edition just came in and I updated the controller then tried to update craft... the app says the firmware is up to date, however the message in RED up top; NO RC SIGNAL... PLEASE help, I have to get this working for I have a job this weekend. Also I am getting a buzzing vibration...