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button customization

  1. jmaganaski

    Help with Cendence Controller w/Inspire 2 - Custom Cendence Settings, changing button commands

    Hello fellow I2 pilots, I have a question regarding changing the customizable buttons on the Cendence controller when used in conjunction with the Inspire 2. There are videos on the net that show that the I2's FPV camera can be adjusted when using a combination of buttons (i.e., long pressing C2...
  2. Serfy

    Button customization on bottom of controller

    I have two Inspire pros. On my main bird, I have the left button on the bottom of the remote programmed to snap the gimbal to center and the right one to bring up the advanced camera menu. I tried to do this on the second one and those are not options, all I have available is: Toggle map/live...