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camera gimbal

  1. Felipe Z. Carboni

    Photo and Video Edition

    Boa Noite á todos do Inspire Pilots. Gostaria de iniciar uma discussão sobre os melhores métodos de gravar e fazer o pós-processamento de imagens e videos com o Inspire 1/Pro/Black. Este post vai ser dedicado especificamente para quem tem interesse em trabalhar com drones.(inspire series) Eu...
  2. S

    multiple cameras on Matrice 100

    Does any one know if the Matrice 100 will be able to take RGB pictures and NDVI pictures in one flight using two cameras?
  3. AerialMediaPros

    Drones Etc. Using Copyrighted NDVI images and Data from competitors?

    Hey guys, AerialMediaPros has been having issues with competitors using copyrighted photos and webpage material for their own website. The latest is DronesEtc. making carbon copies of our images and website material to relocate precision ag NDVI professionals over to their site. We have worked...