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  1. R

    Discover Edmonton: Sights/Attractions 4K, ALL drone ground/aerial footage

    Hello, here I got an Edmonton attractions/sights 4K video, all shot with a drone. It seems, though, that not all clip transitions got exported and some are actually broken. Either way, thank you for watching! This little solo project of mine has been a LOT of work and more challenging than my...
  2. X

    BUY: Looking for used X5 camera in Canada

    Hello I live in Canada, near Montreal (Quebec). I'm looking for a used X5 camera or even an osmo pro located in Canada or near the Canadian border to pick it up by my own. I don't want to pay import fees. Please send photos. Thanks
  3. dguth

    CA Insurance suggestions welcome...

    Hey gents I'm gearing up a new company, any comments or suggestions to seek out a great Insurance broker. Not looking for lowest cost (although it is a factor) more of a policy that covers the liability with options. Also, keeping an ear out for the new Transport Canada (should be soon) ...
  4. droneshop

    M 600 In Canada with cases

    Anyone from Canada looking to get into the M600, I have now built a few including a couple with Flir Vue Pro R cameras and x5 gimbals. We have the Microraptor cases as well. Will be posting a build thread to help out with your builds after the next one. Looking into inverted camera mount as...
  5. R

    Recreational flights and photography

    Curious about the legality of a few things in Canada. I want to fly and capture some photo's of a boat launch for a fishing tournament. I am not using the UAV for hire, I dont currently plan to release any of these pictures. I plan to fly around a set of islands that the boats must pass near...
  6. Chris F

    Flynn Media Productions - 2016 Aerial Film Reel

    Hey everyone, over the last 5 months I have had the opportunity to work on some very cool projects that will be getting released in the Fall. Here is a reel I have put together containing mostly B-role all shot with the Inspire 1 and X3 single operator - Hope you enjoy and make sure you watch in...
  7. Canuck32

    Just a FYI for drone operators and Ft McMurray Fire

    From PNR Teansport Canada. Operators should have received this if they have current SFOC. Reminder to all PNR UAV Certificate Holders regarding operations near forest fires and emergency zones Please be advised that all UAV Operations in the Fort McMurray Emergency Zone are prohibited. All...
  8. Canuck32

    We may be small in numbers but we're here!

    Gotta start somewhere so how about we sound off where we are from Eh! I'm from Red Deer, Alberta
  9. Natty

    Commercial Drone Ops in Canada

    Hi Everyone, If you're considering flying, or already operating commercially in Canada, we'd love to have you join us for a live roundtable discussion – Tuesday, March 29 at 10 am Pacific Time. The discussion will feature Canadian airspace experts, including the Skyward Professional Services...
  10. Canuck32

    USA Transport Canada guidance on VLOS ops

    It looks like, from my interpretation, from the email I received from TC PNR that an operation can extend out a greater distance with visual observers spaced along a route and in communication with the pilot of the UAV. See second last paragraph below. Finally a govt agency with some forward...
  11. Canuck32

    Calgary police charge drone operator flying in flight path of runways

    comments below story are interesting to say the least. I'm afraid this will be first of many that come. https://m.facebook.com/CalgaryPolice/posts/10153874656544530