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CA Insurance suggestions welcome...

Sep 8, 2016
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Hey gents
I'm gearing up a new company, any comments or suggestions to seek out a great Insurance broker.
Not looking for lowest cost (although it is a factor) more of a policy that covers the liability with options.

Also, keeping an ear out for the new Transport Canada (should be soon) ... anyone with insight of the changes ? I'd (and I'm sure lots of others) would like to hear of what and when these changes maybe coming down the pipe?

I've got a few P3 Pro's and Inspire 1 V2 with about a mid-range experience of flying. Plus one of my old "hat's" during a past posting (military) had me training to operate and later supervise maintenance/setup/operations for some of our "remote surface targets" used for live firing and advanced gun shoots at sea ... it was fun but yea I'm still learning. Making less mistakes mind you these days :) but always willing to share and keep open mind to learn from you all. I recently finished a three day ground school course to brush up, it was delivered by a commercial pilot which I found it to be a valuable experience to see things from a viewpoint from a professional from that industry.
Check out Verifly on Android and iOS. It runs about $10 an hour instead of paying a huge lump sum. That's what I use, you only pay for it while you are flying, makes sense to me!

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Thanks .. but it's not here in Canada ... looks straight forward and easy to use.

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