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  1. T

    Chasing Drift Cars with the Inspire 2 X7

    I had the chance to chase some drift cars with the Inspire 2. I hope y'all enjoy!
  2. N

    Flying over roads, NOT Part 107

    First off, if this is a stupid question, feel free to (gently?) let me know and I will delete the thread. Drone PIC's flying under Part 107 may not fly over people in vehicles unless the vehicle is stationary. So they cannot fly over any moving traffic. Can hobby, i.e. Non-107 pilots fly over...
  3. MaxiVideos

    Flying the I1 Inside a Classic Car Garage

    What do you guys think?
  4. Addrone Sweden

    5min Cars Drifting movie, Shot with Inspire 1

    Hi fellow Pilots! This is my first post on this forum and I just wanted to hear your thoughts on our little drifting film shot mainly with the Inspire 1 but also some Gopro's! We are 2 guys from Sweden that bought an Inspire 1 in August, This clip is from our first movie that we filmed in...