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charging hub

  1. M

    WANTED: Used/Affordable DJI Battery Chargers for Inspire 1

    Greetings Inspire Pilots, *** Located in Indiana, USA. If you can assist with this matter, please send a private message directly with details and prices for whatever you have for sale, and your direct contact information. Currently seeking used/affordable DJI battery chargers (complete with...
  2. Rocco Z

    $500 bid Selling Inspire Add Ons: TSA LandingMode Case, 2 TX, 3 Batts, Charging Hub

    This item has been sold. Here's the eBay link; willing to go outside of eBay. Contains: GPC Inspire 1 Pro Landing Mode case with TSA-Approved locks, key included Inspire 1 TB47 Battery (x2) Inspire 1 TB48 Battery Inspire 1 Transmitter (x3), two functioning, one in need of DJI repair...
  3. G

    Inspire Backpack (in the field)

    When on a shoot, with just a camera operator, director and producer, sometimes there is no one to help carry everything. I have found a backpack and solution for carrying (1 controller & 3 batteries), cooling the batteries, and charging the batteries without having to rush back and forth to an...
  4. SOCAL 1

    Inspire Charger - Can I leave the Batteries Plug in to the HUB

    I have the DJI Charging Hub. Can I leave the batteries plug in or do they need removed after they are charged. Also what is the best way to run the battery all the way down when you need to do that.
  5. YeeaaBoii

    New Inspire 1 Controller

    SOLD. Hey guys, I have a brand new Inspire 1 Remote for sale. The model number is GL658B. It is in the original packaging and has never been opened. Asking $350 with free shipping. Here is my eBay link: DJI Inspire 1 Remote I will accept PayPal or Venmo payment only. If you choose to use...
  6. B

    How to update the Charging Hub

    Hi any one knows how to upgrade the Charging Hub? When I plug it in to my Mac it does´t show up some where. I got a emergency landing because one of my battery all of a sudden reported battery problem at 47%. Im so glad I wasn´t over water!! I think it could depend on that I haven´t...