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  1. houldsworth1

    DJI CineSSD - 3 different sizes - 480GB, 240GB, 120GB

    For sale - 3 used and fully working CineSSD drives for the Inspire 2 drone. 1 x 480GB - $450 1 x 240GB. -$200 1 x 120GB - $100 - some scratches but fully functional Located in Wyckoff, NJ, 07481. Accept PayPal, Cash, Venmo, Zelle. Shipping will be $10 - but will ship multiple in one package...
  2. houldsworth1

    Inspire 2 X5S dual operator kit with Pro Res, Cinema DNG, 5 lenses, 7 sets of batteries and many, many extras $3,800. - SOLD!!

    Looking for a new home for this amazing machine! $3,800 takes everything or will sell select components as listed. DJI Inspire 2 with dual controllers I2 Prores and CinemaDNG included 1x Cendence with Patch Antenna 1x Standard Remote Control 2 x Crystal Sky Ultra High Brightness Monitors 1...
  3. F

    Used or new Thunderbolt CineSSD reader

    Hi I would like to buy the CineSSD reader that is a Thunderbolt version. Anyone have it tucked away collecting dust, I`d be glad to get a PM for a deal.
  4. Stuart Covey

    2x 240GB CineSSD's and Thunderbolt 3 Station - $1075

    Up for sale are my two 240GB CineSSD's and my Thunderbolt 3 CineSSD Station. I used these once for a project last fall and haven't used them since. In excellent condition and in original boxes/packaging. $1375 value if purchased new. Asking $1075 USD shipped from Rogers, AR or Best Offer...
  5. S

    DJI Inspire 2, XS4, XS5, Cendence Controller, Crystalsky, Olympus etc

    DJI Inspire 2, XS4, XS5, Cendence Controller, Crystalsky, Olympus etc Everything is in awesome condition and was my backup inspire two setup so not used much. -SOLD—DJI Inspire 2 -ProRes licensed -Stock case $150 -8 batteries low use (1 battery has an error) -A Set 9...
  6. A

    DJI Inspire 2, x5s, cDNG license, 2nd controller, focus wheel, lenses - $5000

    Body & X5S camera are about 6 months old (replaced under DJI Care) and have less than 100 flights. Individual prices below or available as a package for $5000 ($1025 off). Inspire 2 w/ cDNG license (will soon also allow ProRes Raw) - $3000 X5S Camera + 15mm lens - $1400 2nd controller - $400 4x...
  7. skyfilmic

    Cinessd Issue, stuck on CinemaDNG

    Hello, my Inspire 2 got stuck on Cinemadng, I have only Prores License but can't choose it, can't format the drive. Tried 0.100 and 0.200 firmware, two different ssd's, crystalsky, apple device didn't work. I need it for the upcoming shootings.. Here are the screenshots and a quick video...
  8. T

    For Sale: DJI CINESSD 480G

    480G SSD for Inspire 2. It has never been plugged in and is still in original packaging minus the plastic wrap. I'm asking $750 USD. I will ship this for free after funds have been confirmed in my bank. Shipping from USA. Serious inquires only please. When using a 240GB or 480GB CINESSD, the...
  9. C

    Mapping with Inspire 2 RAW + X5S + CineSSD

    Hi! I work doing aerial mapping of agriculture fields and I would like to have opinions/feedback/experience on flying with the Inspire 2 with this purpose. We have been using custom made drones for a while, with high-quality cameras (Sony a6000 and the like), but decided to move to comercial...
  10. Z

    Complete Inspire 2 Setup w/ SSD, Cendence, and Crystalsky

    SOLD - PLEASE MARK AS SUCH - DJI Inspire 2 w/ Apple Prores License - $2500 - DJI X5S w/ Case and 15mm Stock Lens - $1600 - Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 45mm f/1.8 Lens - $340 - Lumix X Vario 1:3.5-5.6/14-42 Power O.I.S Lens - $140 - TWO DJI CINESSD 480G Drives - $900 ea - DJI CINESSD Station - $150...
  11. pdaiproductions

    Inspire 2 Accessories For Sale

    DJI CineSSD 480GB - $810 (SOLD) DJI CineSSD Station - $100 (SOLD) Polar Pro 6-Pack Filter for DJI Zenmuse X5/X5R - $150 Hoodman Drone Aviator Hood Kit iPad Mini (Includes HAV1 & HAV1E) - $50 Willing to do a deal on the SSD+Reader together. All serious offers accepted. Buyer pays shipping...
  12. qnyla

    Still Photo RAW Burst to CineSSD creates different RAW files?

    The RAW files created when using RAW Burst to a CineSSD card are 21 MB in size. The RAW files normally created and written to the micro SD card are about 42 MB in size. The files from a RAW burst do not seem to have a lens profile included in the file so no corrections for distortion or...
  13. Neil sulish

    Any one know if you can Use the Cinessd with x4s

    Hi Guys This may be a dumb question, but can you use CInessd drives with just the x4s??? I plan on getting an x5s after some more jobs.. Thanks for your help...