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Mapping with Inspire 2 RAW + X5S + CineSSD

Feb 19, 2018
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I work doing aerial mapping of agriculture fields and I would like to have opinions/feedback/experience on flying with the Inspire 2 with this purpose.

We have been using custom made drones for a while, with high-quality cameras (Sony a6000 and the like), but decided to move to comercial drones as we needed to grow our fleet pretty fast.

We've been working with Phantom 4 Pro, with some issues. Firstly, the image quality and the fish-eye lens can be a problem when trying to align create a good orthomosaic.
But secondly and most worrying, is the time it takes to take a picture. A raw picture every 5 seconds is completly discarded, as for a reasonable overlap at 30m you would have to fly way too slow.
For JPEG, it gives you around 2-4 m/s which is slow but acceptable in some cases.
The problem is that flying that way you don't have much autonomy. ~15 min flight vs the advertised 30 mins, so I'm covering half the terrain I would like in one flight.

Let's say I cannot change the altitude not to sacrifice any more the quality/resolution of the image. The alternative is taking pictures at a larger speed. The Inspire 2 RAW + X5S offers a raw burst shooting to the SSD, which will give me in return a faster capture and raw images.

Has anyone tried this setup? Is there anyone with an available Inspire 2 who could test this setup and provide sample data?

Thanks in advance,
So would the DNG (20 fps burst) not work writing to SD card? I don't think you can save photos to the SSD. I don't have the SSD option so not 100% sure. But that is what I understood from the reading I did. The SSD is only for CinemaDNG and AppleProRes.

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