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commercial venture

  1. JPod10

    Hi from the Chicago area

    Greetings, Just recently joined after the recommendation from a co-worker who'd pretty passionate about the technology. Nice to meet all of you! I ordered an inexpensive Syma the other day to start playing around with. But I'm also very interested in the entrepreneurial aspect of drones/UAVs...
  2. Dr. Ifly Drones

    The Reality of Aerial Video

    Here is a link to a music video I did aerial work for. A good example of reality. My video comprises about 10 seconds on this video (Inspire X3) and the rest was shot on Red Epics. I spent hours flying and recording. On the other hand, I got to work with a very cool band and production crew.
  3. W

    Greetings from Jax Beach FL

    Greetings fellow Inspire operators! I'm a commercial pilot and new Inspire 1 Pro owner with a 333 exemption only a few weeks away. I would like to communicate and compare notes and perhaps affiliate with other operators in the area, particularly experienced photographers/videographers. We've...