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costa rica

  1. A

    Costa Rica

    Anyone had any experience getting through customs flying into Liberia, Costa Rica since the new law went into effect in August 2017? Bringing in an I2. I know the new law has a deadline of Feb. 2017 for compliance. Thanks
  2. GizaDog

    My ShowReel using all Inspire 1 Video

  3. S

    Drone regulations Costa Rica

    After receiving several questions about Drone regulation in Costa Rica, I decided to contact officials to clarify what is actual situation with drones. All questions were referring to following press release from CostaRicaNews.com New Specs for Those Wishing to Fly Drones in Costa Rica After...
  4. S

    Rainstorm is approaching... (Peninsula Osa, Costa Rica)

    Hi there! Publishing few photos from Peninsula Osa, Costa Rica. It seemed that rain storm will ruin the evening, but within an hour, witnessed beautiful sunset :) It's better to check full-size photos, as I noticed that some sort of forum compression and resizing ruins the photos. Made with...