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dat files

  1. SilkyMilky

    GS Pro - Flight Logs / Telemetry?

    Hello, After a quick cursory search, I found only dated information on this subject, so apologies in advance for a potentially redundant post. For context, I'm using an M600 + Ronin MX w/ aftermarket camera for photogrammetry work. Does anyone know if it is possible to retrieve flight...
  2. R

    Inspire 1 pro DAT files

    does anyone know the exact variables that are recorded in the flight log DAT files?
  3. F

    What does DJI do with DAT Files / Flight Logs ?

    Hello, I've figured out how to download .DAT files and analyze them with DatCon. I also know how to download the Flight Logs off of the DJI Go app using iTunes (I'm operating iOS). In the DJI Go app there is a button in the user section that seems to "sync your flight records" to the cloud...