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  1. R

    Retrieve Flight Records and Retroactively Create Flight Logs?

    So, I have been flying for many years since before "GoApps", etc. But, I have only been a 107 Pilot for 6 months. Now that I understand the FAA importance of keeping accurate flight records I have been doing this meticulously ever since. What I would like to do is somehow utilize the historical...
  2. dronie

    Meta data on video files is dated in 1951

    Just unpacked my I2/X5S. The meta data on all video files (H.264 as I don't have the SSD yet), dates them with 1951. Photos are dated correctly. How can that be fixed?
  3. R

    Building an autonomous drone for academia, ideas on senor, req, etc

    Greetings, I am part of a thirty member team of mechanical, computer, and electrical engineers collaborating with Northup Gruman, NASA, Aerial Alchemy, and a few select other sponsors to build an autonomous drone to assist emergency responders. Currently we are scouring the industry and drone...
  4. 9

    2nd Controller Camera Operators

    I wanted to get a sense of how folks are setting up their slave controllers for operators. With an external monitor or goggles, are you turning off telemetry? The information is geared for the pilot, but doesn't help the dedicated operator. It would be useful to an operator to see ISO, shutter...
  5. VAP

    Inspire lost at sea

    Experienced a sudden loss of video signal on DJI inspire 1 over the water. The app screen went blank along with no GPS data. Never seen this kind of failure before. VLOS could not be maintained as it was into the sun. Fail-safe RTH did not return it. The Inspire 1 was lost at sea. The flight log...