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  1. Dr Jon

    TB50 wont auto discharge anymore..

    When i got my I2 back in January i set the Batts to auto discharge after 2 days if i didn't use them. This worked fine and the battery would get "warm" to the touch. But a few weeks ago DJI enforced a firmware upgrade to the Batts and since then the auto discharge no longer works. I have checked...
  2. R

    Fully Discharged Batteries. Did I Kill Them?

    Basically I bought 8 batteries with my inspire 1 and all of them are programed to begin discharging after 10 days. Long story short weeks have gone by since I rotated out 4 of them and they are dead as doornails. I have just tried to recharge one of them (I will try the others shortly) and...
  3. Mactab

    Battery Cell damaged.

    Just checking out one of my batteries this evening. On power up I got the dreaded message 'Battery Cell damaged' even though the initial charge level was showing 100% See attached pic captured after running the battery down to 0% The inspire was flying fine so I decided to keep it near to the...