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  1. R

    Broken arm repair Inspire 1v2

    Can the outer carbon fiber tube be repaired? I can work with carbon fiber but all of the parts available for purchase are the entire leg. Does the entire leg need to be changed?
  2. C

    DIY Charger Build Log

    hallo friend today i show DJI INSPIRE 1 CHARGER DIY component: MEAN WELL EPP-200 OD4020-12HSS ORION FANS according to datasheet, connector as follow: CN1 A/C - JST VHR 3POS CN2 DC - JST VHR 6POS CN101 (FAN POWER) - JST PHR-2 2POS crimp: type 1 CN101 type 2 CN1 AND CN2 PARALLEL ADAPTER...
  3. G

    Inspire Backpack (in the field)

    When on a shoot, with just a camera operator, director and producer, sometimes there is no one to help carry everything. I have found a backpack and solution for carrying (1 controller & 3 batteries), cooling the batteries, and charging the batteries without having to rush back and forth to an...
  4. santoshchari

    PDF for Stickers/Skin

    Hey Guys, Does anyone have a sticker layout in a pdf file that I could use to laser cut a skin? I would hugely appreciate this. Thanks.