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dji battery station

  1. rogiervanderheide

    DJI TB50 Battery Station €699 / $729

    In great shape and everything functions the way it should be. The batteries are available but not included in the price advertised. Charge 8 Inspire 2 batteries, store 12 of them, connect even a WB37 hub (Cendence and CrystalSky batteries) and charge your USB devices, all in one great Battery...
  2. Advexure

    SOLD: DJI TB50 Battery Station (Used)

    We have a DJI TB50 Battery Station that is used and in good working condition. Please see attached pictures. The case does have a few labels/stickers on it and scratches from regular use. ****SOLD**** Please contact us with any questions. Thank you!
  3. Advexure

    DJI Battery Station – Available for Pre-Order at Advexure

    At last, our team at Advexure is excited to announce that the DJI Battery Station has now been released! DJI has teased us with this Battery Station since the release of the Inspire 2 in November of 2016. Now, just over a year later, we are excited to have a self-contained charging solution on...