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dji osmo

  1. Marcus Aurelius

    )))FOUND((( (Moderator, Please Close - Thank You! ) DJI OSMO BATTERY DOOR for External Battery Extender

    Greetings, I'm wanting to buy a DJI OSMO Battery Door if someone has one to sell. It fits onto the bottom of the OSMO handle and has a slot made into the side of the door, I've posted a photo of the kit. (DJI OSMO Part #49 Extended Battery Kit.) Basically, it allows you to use a TB48 Inspire...
  2. A

    DJI Inspire 2 Controller **Brand New and unwrapped**

    Hi, I'm selling my additional DJI Inspire 2 controller. Never opened, unwrapped and still sealed with protective cellophane over controller. Free courier delivery anywhere in the U.K. European discounted delivery. No other country sales I'm afraid. Also selling my: DJI Osmo Mobile and carry...
  3. G

    Osaka & Kyoto Japan shot on DJI Osmo with X5R

    I shot this video using the Osmo with X5R. Love the raw files and the color science on the X5R. Can't wait to try out the X5S but for now I am happy using the X5R with the inspire 1 and Osmo.
  4. B

    DJI Osmo

    The dinodirect site is selling DJI Osma at $659 DJI Osmo Phantom 3 Professional 2 Inspire 1 Handheld HD 4K Camera 3-Axis Gimbal Phantom3 Parts - DinoDirect.com Is the site trustful?
  5. Stacy Cobb

    DJI OSMO "ADJUSTABLE" Cold Shoe Mount

    Hi Guys, Just released the new DJI OSMOS Cold Shoe Mount. Let me know your thoughts!!! Here is the new release and installation video: Purchase here: DJI OSMO - Aerial Drone Accessories Thanks, Stacy
  6. Stacy Cobb

    Is The DJI OSMO a must have?

    Is the DJI OSMO a must have. This video review scores the system and answers that question.
  7. Stacy Cobb

    First Footage From My Osmo

    Ok you guys. This is completely raw unedited footage from my Osmo. I literally inboxed it, charged the battery and walked outside and took this test footage. I was not trying to stabLize myself at all, purposefully bouncy steps to see how well it could correct. Let me know what you think.