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  1. T

    Inspire 2 stability issues

    Ive been having some stability issues when I fly my inspire 2. When I take off there is a lot of drifting that happens even in perfect conditions. It constantly struggles to connect to more that 5-6 satellites and drifts 4-5 feet up and down when im flying and its killing me. Almost every shot I...
  2. T

    Chasing Drift Cars with the Inspire 2 X7

    I had the chance to chase some drift cars with the Inspire 2. I hope y'all enjoy!
  3. J

    Inspire 1 drifting issue and battery problem

    I have a couple of problems with my inspire 1. I have done a compass calibration and an IMU calibration, as well as an RC calibration. I noticed that when flying forward with the inspire it doesn't make a straight line. It seems to drift one way or another. Is this normal? Why would it do...
  4. Addrone Sweden

    5min Cars Drifting movie, Shot with Inspire 1

    Hi fellow Pilots! This is my first post on this forum and I just wanted to hear your thoughts on our little drifting film shot mainly with the Inspire 1 but also some Gopro's! We are 2 guys from Sweden that bought an Inspire 1 in August, This clip is from our first movie that we filmed in...
  5. B

    Drifting problems with Inspire 1

    I'm flying my Inspire for quite some months and I'm really happy with it. However int the last days I'm getting some problems: After Compass Calibration I usually take off to about 1,8 m height and wait until the landing gear moved up. When I then want to fly to the front the Inspire drifts to...