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  1. A

    Prop cages and mapping software with cendence

    Hi Everybody - Has anyone found a product that can be used with the 200 series such as prop cages or bumpers of some sort? Just thought it would be nice to have when doing bridge inspection God forbid we accidentally do have something happen and bump into a box beam or something. Also - we're...
  2. M

    Dronedeploy connection issues

    I am totally new to mapping and have downloaded dronedeploy to have a go. The problem I have, is that I can't get my Inspire 2 to connect to the dronedeploy app. I have updated to the latest firmware and am using an X4S camera with my Inspire 2 (as well as an Ipad mini 2.) Has anyone got any...
  3. Drone Analyst

    Take Short Survey and Enter to Win a Free DJI Spark Drone

    We have put together an important survey that'll help shed some light on what's happening in the commercial drone industry. I’ve written about the survey over here. It takes about 7-8 minutes to get through, and all participants are given the chance to win a DJI Spark or one of two $100 gift...
  4. Parker

    questions about the cut off point

    New to the industry of using UAVs for Commercial use. I've got a trial going of DroneDeploy, pretty sweet. I can export a KML file or a .las cloud point file (still learning about what those are). I can see this being delivered to the customer via Dropbox, downloadable file from my site or...
  5. T

    Matrice 100 stops to take photo

    I have a Matrice 100 and are having trouble with it wanting to stop to take photos when using Drondeploy, Maps Made Easy Map Pilot and Data Mapper in Flight, I believe it has started doing it after the DJI Go App update 2.8.7 on the 16th August, has anyone experiencing the same thing or has any...
  6. R

    Autonomous flight with Inspire 1 Pro

    Hi guys, does anyone have an experience with autonomous flights for capturing photo for 3D models? Pix4d app doesn't seem to be working with Inspire 1 Pro. I'm looking for an app that could capture photos based on certain horizontal and vertical change of drone position. Any ideas? cheers Matej