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Autonomous flight with Inspire 1 Pro

Dec 3, 2015
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Hi guys,

does anyone have an experience with autonomous flights for capturing photo for 3D models?
Pix4d app doesn't seem to be working with Inspire 1 Pro. I'm looking for an app that could capture photos based on certain horizontal and vertical change of drone position.

Any ideas?

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Had a smooth autonomous flight with my Inspire 1 Pro Raw yesterday. No problems. Automatic start and flight via Pix4d capture. Manual landing for safety reasons.
What made you believe it doesn't work with the Inspire 1 Pro?
Really? so there is a hope after all:) I'm getting a pop up window saying "Connect to range extender USB" and can't start the flight due to it
Don't know what was the issue with pix4d, but in started working. Plus I purchased Maps Made Easy app and I very much like it. Great interface and you can create your flight offline and just load it on the spot. Works really good.
I'm also trying to use my i1 Pro for mapping and ortho mosaics. I have tested Capture as well as Maps made easy, my findings so far:

Capture: Limited area which can be mapped, why? Stop-and-go mode yields at optimal images but is not efficient at all. Bottom line: For very small projects ok but not for general use, at the time being.

Maps made easy: Better flexibility but not very intuitive, IMHO. Many popup windows after power on, sometimes status mismatch with aircraft. Tells me to launch first when aircraft is already in the air, etc.. Default flight pattern (direction of flight lanes) very strange, always needs to be adjusted manually. Overlap hard to control (I would like to define both explicitly, sidelap (expensive) as well as forward lap (inexpensive, when it comes to flight time).

At the moment, I continue to test Maps made easy, keeping an eye on how capture develops.
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