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  1. niki

    Permission from ENAC for flying Inspire over Venice canals?

    Have some one got a permission from ENAC for flying in Venice? According ENAC, Venice is a Prohibited flying zone. There are also 2 airport zones overlaping there and also a CTR zone, so I'm getting confused how to apply? Because from what I read for applying to fly in the "speciffic category"...
  2. NickU

    UK IS EASA going beyond it's mandate with new proposals? And other comments of proposals...

    Sorry, this is a bit long... (but hey, it the EU authorities, nothing is short with them ;) :D ) So, I'm following the EU discussions on the drone proposals (see link at the very end, watch if you want to sleep ;) ). In one part of it they are proposing drone classifications, registration and...
  3. U

    EASA about to fu** things up... WARNING!!

    People please view and respond accordingly before we all get royally fu&*ed!! :mad::mad::mad::(