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  1. W

    Multiple Inspire 2 ESC errors

    Hey Team I bought an Inspire 2 used and it had carbon fiber folding props and despite doing my usual pre-flight checks, I somehow forgot to fully unfold the props before take-off. I started the engines and before the drone left the ground, one of the props got stuck and the vibration from...
  2. RickT

    Inspire one ESC error

    I know this problem has come up again and again. I purchased my drone on Jan 18 2016, Flew it a few times and 8 months into owning my drone I got a ESC message, I talked to DJI and sent it in for repair. Got it back and it worked great. On 2/1/2017 I get the same message, And now I'm out of...
  3. Z

    Inspire V1 with ESC control error possibly for sale

    Hope its okay to post a hypothetical classified here. Yesterday I received an ESC control error and it will not go away even after dozens of restarts and battery swaps. I removed the ESC board and motor (no damage was done, much care was taken) but now I'm a little nervous about reinstalling a...
  4. S

    No Signal Problem on one of two RC's

    I've read a lot of the No Signal forum posts, however, I haven't come across one that matches my particular situation. Situation: I1 dunked in ocean, replaced all damaged electronics with items in New or near new condition. New lightbridge / controller was at 1.3. firmware. Two major issues...