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No Signal Problem on one of two RC's

May 21, 2015
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I've read a lot of the No Signal forum posts, however, I haven't come across one that matches my particular situation.

I1 dunked in ocean, replaced all damaged electronics with items in New or near new condition.
New lightbridge / controller was at 1.3. firmware.

Two major issues happening now:
1) Upgraded the I1 to 1.4 firmware, however, at no point did it say upgrade successful, it always failed, however, doing the checks now shows that the bird is at 1.4 firmware, seems one of the upgrade tries worked.
I have two RC's - let's say RC-A and RC-B.

Issue here appears that RC-B is constantly showing No Signal after the 1.4 firmware update - while signal & picture on RC-A is perfect!
I've tried any combination of things that I could find by reading many posts, however, it stubbornly refuses to show the signal on RC-B and I'm wondering if anyone here has seen this behaviour?
BOTH RC's are on the latest 1.4.30 firmware.
The problem also happens regardless of what tablet / phone I use, when I swap the cables, whatever is connected to RC-A will show the image and whatever gets connected to RC-B will lose the image.

As with many of the other No Signal posts - I can see that the histogram updates in real time as the camera moves, I can record video and take photos, and all other telemetry shows OK, yet there is no image on RC-B.

2) Having replaced all 4 Motors + ESC's, I'm getting a "ESC Status Error" when I try to spin up the motors for takeoff, however, none of the landing gear feet show any lights to indicate which ESC has a problem (if any) - is there any other way to see what may be causing this ESC error?

EDIT 22nd Nov.
Update - Tested with a second Inspire where RC-A works fine, same problem, RC-B shows No Signal...
Going in to a local service centre in tomorrow and will update on the status.
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