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  1. A

    Need help with Inspire V1 pinout

    Hi all, I'm seeking help with identifying exactly what the pins are for the Inspire V1 ESC (the 5-pin and the 3-pin JST GH connectors, picture attached). I've seen a similar thread for V2 (Help me figure out the pinout for the ESC signal connector) but it's for a slightly different product and...
  2. Tq2Jetman

    Inspire 1 V2 ESC/Motors for sale A$450

    Willing to consider any reasonable offer. Happy to sell individually or as a job lot. The price noted here is for the lot, in a "Where is/As is" condition. All are either new or recently tested as fully serviceable. Please note in some cases the ESC is no longer fitted and in others only the...
  3. K

    Inspire 1 V2 replacement ESC's

    Guys can some one point me to a parts book or a part number so I can get myself four new ESC's. They got wet but still work. However I just don't trust them after taking a bath and do not want to risk a crash. Any help much appreciated. I would prefer direct from DJI if possible but anyone who...
  4. Adamastor

    Inspire 1v1 - upgrade to 1v2 with components or buy new?

    Hey there everyone I have sort of "outgrown" my standard Inspire 1v1 with X3 camera, which is about 16 to 18 months old. My needs actually call for a Z3 camera (zoom) and most likely an XT camera (thermal) too, in the near future. 1. Do I upgrade my I1v1 with the I1v2 ESCs, motors, 1345T...
  5. Tq2Jetman

    Simple Bench Test for Inspire 1 ESC/Motor Assemblies?

    I have read many posts here about ESC errors and DJI Inspire 1 ESC/Motor issues. What I have not come across is a simple bench test one can do on removed ESC/Motor assemblies. Ie: I have a qty of ESC/Motor assemblies but want to know if they are serviceable before I go through the process of...