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Need help with Inspire V1 pinout

Jan 27, 2021
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Hi all,

I'm seeking help with identifying exactly what the pins are for the Inspire V1 ESC (the 5-pin and the 3-pin JST GH connectors, picture attached). I've seen a similar thread for V2 (Help me figure out the pinout for the ESC signal connector) but it's for a slightly different product and I need more detailed info on the data links as I was not able to make the motors turn on my test bench just by supplying appropriate PWM signal to either of the two PWM pins and ground (successful method for other DJI ESCs).

I'm assuming that the two PWMs are for receiving data with one of the PWMs for the motor, the other for the attached LED? Do I need to send a special byte sequence over the serial link to activate/sustain/control the motor?

Detailed information on the RS485 link would be great, if it's relevant here.

Thanks a bunch!


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Unfortunate that your photo doesn't show the PCB. I assume this is because there are no discernable markings on the PCB, yes??? I assume there would be marking for plus and minus voltage and PWM signal.

Also, it makes sense that the motor would require PWM signal, but the LED's?

I sure wish I could see that PCB. Assuming there are ANY markings at all, I bet we could probably figure out the pinouts through simple deduction.

Note: I found a few articles regarding using PWM to control LED brightness and blink control (which makes sense). But nothing for controlling RGB (which the Inspire 1 LED's are capable of).

We know PWM is digital (2 wires). And we know the motors must receive PWM, but I think we can fairly safely assume that they also "send" signal (data) to the flight controller to report back RPM. Once you eliminate which pins are for PWM, we may be able to make fairly accurate assumptions regarding the rest of the pins. That said...

Why do you need a pinout? It looks like the PCB has simple Molex™ connectors for control. I assume these connectors mate up with Molex™ plugs that are attached to ribbon cables that attached to the FC at the other end. Is this not the case?

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Thanks for the response.

The photograph is just for illustrative purposes to visually confirm the V1 motor and V1 ESC in question - it's the stock V1 set on the Inspire 1.

As I've mentioned in the question, these are not Molex connectors, but JST type GH - Molex and JST are two different manufacturers.
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