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  1. V

    A full roundup for installing fpv on inspire 1

    Hello there, I have been thinking about adding fpv to the inspire 1 for quite a time now. What has been holding me back is how I wanted to do it. I recently decided to paint my inspire 1, and at the same time, I did the fpv mod. Heres how I did it, parts ive used and problems that came along...
  2. We Talk UAV

    Drone Headset: VR or FPV?

    They come in all sizes and features. Fatshark makes one. So does Spectrum. For those not familiar with the FPV product, goggles are considered an upgrade due to a more immersive view that is unaffected by sunlight. Even those who have shortsightedness can use the goggles provided that they can...
  3. F

    DJI Inspire 1 Raw + Fatshark Dominator HD2 Headtracking

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and the drones. I'm interessted into the Inspire 1 and Fatshark Dominator HD2 and the Headtracker. I was told that it's not possible to use the Headtracker Module with the Inspire 1s gimbal. But online I see videos of ppl using the gimbal with some goggles with...
  4. M

    Inspire 1 with Fatshark Dominator v3 Head Tracking

    Hello Forum I'am new hear. is this possible to head tracking the zenmuse x3 camera with fathshark dominator v3 and head tracking modul? thanks a lot. malust