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film production

  1. Zach Zach

    An anxious and happy hello! (ALSO, looking for purchase recommendations)

    Hi everyone! Man, I haven't been a part of a forum since I owned a Camaro that I would work on and take to the track 15 years ago! My name's Zach. I'm based in California/Nevada/Memphis (long story) Im a fully-licensed Part 107 Pilot. Please feel free to watch my reel which is all Phantoms...
  2. A

    HD, 4K and ND filters, Contradictory ?

    Sorry for asking, but I am relative new to video, and complete newborn to filmproductions. From a technical point of view, can I easely understand why ND filteres is used because a big apertur is wanted in a nearly every shoots. (Maby except some landscape types of images, But even here small...
  3. Florida Drone LLC

    Osmo in the Pool Hall

    All filmed with the Osmo