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  1. Ascender

    Fourth of July Fireworks & Yachts

  2. Ascender

    How do you shoot your fireworks?

    In light of all of the American fireworks soon to be bursting in air, I wonder- What settings do you use when shooting video and photos of fireworks at night? Anyone use any of the other photo modes (like AEB or long exposure) for capturing fireworks? X5 users: what lenses do you use for such...
  3. Black Sky

    New Inspire Fireworks Video

    Here is this years fireworks video of The Saranac Lake Winter Carnival in Northern NY (near Lake Placid) The carnival is 119 years old and is an all volunteer effort of building a large ice palace and holding parades and events. I help build the palace as well as doing ice carving of many...
  4. Peerason Udomwadhanaphorn

    Fireworks in Thailand

  5. World Media

    Urgent Firework Footage Needed

    Hi All fellow Pilots. I was asked to help a community by filming their November 5th free of charge in order to help them raise funds for future Bonfire Night displays, the council cut funding and they have missed the last two years! Unfortunately conditions on the night meant that I had to take...
  6. World Media

    Bonfire Night UK Filming

    Anybody filming or thinking of filming bonfire night and fireworks over the Guy Fawkes Night? No doubt there will be a lot of hobbyists thinking it sounds like a good idea to throw up their birthday drone. Thought it might be an idea to start a brief discussion on the risks, permissions...