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flight logs

  1. SilkyMilky

    GS Pro - Flight Logs / Telemetry?

    Hello, After a quick cursory search, I found only dated information on this subject, so apologies in advance for a potentially redundant post. For context, I'm using an M600 + Ronin MX w/ aftermarket camera for photogrammetry work. Does anyone know if it is possible to retrieve flight...
  2. R

    Retrieve Flight Records and Retroactively Create Flight Logs?

    So, I have been flying for many years since before "GoApps", etc. But, I have only been a 107 Pilot for 6 months. Now that I understand the FAA importance of keeping accurate flight records I have been doing this meticulously ever since. What I would like to do is somehow utilize the historical...
  3. MrLaw10

    DJI Accounts and Flight logs

    Alright so we have a Phantom 4 and we obviously have been flying using one account for that bird. Here's the rub...do you need a separate account for each bird to keep accurate records based on the bird and not the flyer? It says everywhere that each bird keeps a log inside it but we just...
  4. M

    USA Flight Apps

    In the past, I have been checking various individual sources before a flight. Sector maps, Local METARS and NOTAMS, KP Index etc most from different sources. Out of curiosity, I'm guessing that there are some apps out there that will check most of these items all at the same time or at least...
  5. Titanman

    Can The Logs Be Trusted If they Can't Keep The Correct Time?

    Everyday many decisions are made solely on the data recorded & logged by the drones, both on the UAV and DJI Go app. If this cannot keep correct time (i.e. time clock runs fast gaining 1 minute every 6 actual minutes) can we trust any of the data? Or is it keeping correct time as it is...