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  1. J

    DJI XT Radiometric 640x512 13mm 30hz

    Selling used DJI Zenmuse XT Radiometric 640x512 13mm 30hz FLIR thermal camera/gimbal. I purchased this and then acquired an m210 that came with an XT so I'm parting with this one. It's in great shape I never used it but I tested to make sure it works. Asking $4200 shipped with insurance US...
  2. D

    PARTING OUT—-DJI Inspire 2, X5S, 12X BATTERIES, Charging Station

    Alright, folks, I am changing up my fleet of drones and need to sell my Inspire 2 along with everything I use for it. DJI Inspire 2, MAJOR BUNDLE, X5S, 12X BATTERIES. Condition is Used Price: $7895 USD + $100 USD Fixed Shipping Location: Texas, USA Included: -DJI Inspire 2 Drone -DJI...
  3. D

    SOLD****Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual, 3x Batteries, Flown 3 times

    Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual, 3x Batteries, Flown 3 times For sale is a DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual edition with 3 batteries! Flown three times to ensure every accessory works Included: - Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual - M2E Spotlight - M2E Speaker - M2E Beacon - 3x Batteries - Tablet mount - Lighting...
  4. M

    WANTED: Used/Affordable FLIR Vue Pro 640, 9mm, 30Hz Thermal Sensors

    Greetings Inspire Pilots, If you can assist with this request, please send a private message with your direct contact info, sensor details and price (including shipping to Indiana, USA 46962). Seeking reliable used/affordable FLIR Vue Pro 640 / 9mm / 30 Hz Thermal Sensors for Missing...
  5. Acidxr

    Wanted Zenmuse XT (Australia)

    Anyone in AUS looking to sell a second hand Zenmuse XT for Inspire V1.
  6. I

    FOR SALE: FLIR Aerial IR 13 mm (30 Hz, 336 x 256 px)

    I have a FLIR Aerial IR Gimbal 13 mm (30 Hz, 336 x 256 px) XT Camera that has been used maybe 3 times. Works perfectly fine and will upload a video upon request. Bought brand new for $6,500 and will sell it for $5,000 or best offer. Selling it because I mainly use a 640 and bought and xt2.
  7. Keule

    FLIR XT2

    DJI announced today a new thermal gimbal / camera for the M200 series - the FLIR XT2. DJI Zenmuse XT2 - Dual Sensor Thermal Imaging Solution
  8. J

    Universal Gimbal for Inspire 1 v2.0

    Hi, I'm researching some universal gimbals compatible with the Inspire 1 v2.0, specifically to mount FLIR Duo Pro R or WIRIS type cameras. Any suggestions? The best one so far seems to be the Gremsy series. Thanks in advance
  9. S

    WTB: Zenmuse XT

    Hi there guys! I need to vuy a new or used Zenmuse XT. It’s incredible but no one has immediate stock (DroneNerds, Multicopter Warehouse, Drone Plus, B&H, Adorama) and I need one for next week :( I’m looking for a 336 because of my budget. Can anyone help me? Anyone selling one? Anybody knows...
  10. G

    Zenmuse XT Flir Light Sensitivity?

    Hello... We have been using a Zenmuse XT flir camera on a Matrice 100. I've been told that the lens/sensor on the camera cannot be exposed to direct white, florescent or sunlight when it is off or on as it will damage the sensor. Is this true? Thanks for your help!
  11. 3

    ZENMUSE XT VS Flir Duo-R

    Hi I'm new to the thermal camera world and looking to get some opinions. In December I purchased an Zenmuse XT Thermal Camera-336/30HZ/9mm for my inspire 1. Haven't had a whole lot of time to really see what my camera can do but so far its been pretty cool. Today however I saw that Flir debuted...
  12. D

    DJI XT Thermal Mapping programs

    I am currently having issues using pix4d with my DJI XT 336x256. Does anyone have tips on what image properties need to be changed for this to work? It only seems to recognize the XT high res camera. Also, if anyone has any suggestions about other stitching software. Drone deploy is still in...