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  1. We Talk UAV

    And Even The Military Has Its Flyaway Drone Problems.

    Hard to believe perhaps, or not. When I think of the military, part of me thinks of MASH, the TV show. This is not to say that I disrespect the military, I have nothing but respect for those who sign up and put their sacrifice for this country. Like every other aspect of technology, there are...

    Geofencing to prevent flyways?

    Just curious if there are any really smart folks out there who might have come up with a way to program in a geofence to prevent flyaways. In other words, you could create a "bubble" around your immediate flight area that has both altitude and distance restrictions. If the platform takes off on...
  3. A

    The cause of >99% of flyaways [ some productive tips & argument]

    Pilots in DJI's forum has provided some productive tips for safe flying concluded from real crashes or some accidents.. points like ground level wind speed being deceiving, inappropriate situations for GPS locking, take off too fast without pre-flight etc.. Also found some productive argument...
  4. L

    Architecture of Radio - another way of preventing flyaways

    An app sheduled for release by December this year might be very helpfull in proper assesement of the local radio interferrences. The app in realtime visualize cell towers, wifi routers, communication, navigation and observation satellites and their signals. Details are here:Architecture of Radio