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focus handwheel

  1. Four K Videos

    WANTED: Part 34 DJI Focus Handwheel 2 - OsmoPro/RAW Communication Cable

    After quite a bit of searching in all of the usual places from eBay to Adorama and even Dr Drone, I've been unable to find any of these Part 34 connection cables. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I'm looking for at least two of them. Thank you!
  2. A

    DJI Inspire 2, x5s, cDNG license, 2nd controller, focus wheel, lenses - $5000

    Body & X5S camera are about 6 months old (replaced under DJI Care) and have less than 100 flights. Individual prices below or available as a package for $5000 ($1025 off). Inspire 2 w/ cDNG license (will soon also allow ProRes Raw) - $3000 X5S Camera + 15mm lens - $1400 2nd controller - $400 4x...
  3. WingsThree

    DJI Focus Handwheel For Inspire 2 Kit

    New in the box, unused Focus Handwheel and Controller Stand, paid $399 for the kit, offered at $375, free (USA only) shipping. Details: DJI Focus Handwheel for Inspire 2 (0.3m Adapter Cable) Fully compatible with the Zenmuse X5S. Communicates with the Zenmuse X5S, enabling focus control...
  4. R

    Seeking opinions on firmware versions

    Hi Guys, I'm making a seriously modified Inspire 1 for risky work, basically the jobs that don't merit risking an Inspire 2, over water, rough terrain etc. One reason I'm doing this also is because I was on job last week and every second flight I got hit with distance limits - this whilst...