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for sale inspire 1

  1. D

    Inspire 1V2.0 Sales Question

    Evening everyone. Getting out of the drone business and I'm looking for a little advice. I have a complete Inspire 1V2.0 kit, 3 TB 47's, Zenmuse X5 camera with multiple lens, two filter kits, X3 camera, dual controllers, multiple replacement props, battery warmer, four bank battery charger with...
  2. M

    Zenmuse Thermal XT Camera FOR SALE. SOLD INSPIRE 1 PRO V2.

    Hello All! For your consideration: Zenmuse XT Thermal Camera. $2,900.00 obo USD + Shipping -13mm. 30Hz. 640 x 512. NOT Radiometric. -Works with Inspire 1 V2 Pro platform. -All equipment was purchased from members on this forum. Professionally maintained and used. I am the second owner. I...
  3. S

    Inspire 1 v2.0 with 5 TB47 batteries, hard cases, 1 controller, X3 camera for sale.

    November 15 2019 update: Batteries are TB48 I had previously posted TB47 which was a mistake. They are (5) TB48. Inspire 1 v2.0 with 5 TB48 batteries, hard cases, 1 controller, X3 camera for sale. Excellent condition, no damages, not crashed. Everything working perefctly. Very low time...
  4. J

    Inspire 1 For Sale

    REMOVE, NO LONGER FOR SALE: Florida, USA. $1,000 USD Inspire 1, perfect condition, hardly flown. Spare props, controller, charger, 3-batteries, < 25 charges, recently purchased, brand-new, Z3. $1,000 plus shipping. Ships from Jacksonville, FL, USA FYI, just purchased Inspire 2.
  5. M

    Selling Inspire 1 V2 w/Zenmuse XT Tau 2 thermal 336 /30hz brand new open box

    I purchased the XT last year from Ralph at Fly High USA. I never put this in air but I did update the camera and made sure it was working. I have had no demand for thermal so I want to sell this bundle. It is also equipped with 2 powerful lights for search and rescue which Ralph builds at Fly...
  6. P

    Inspire 1 airframe for sale

    Hi Guys, I have my Inspire 1 airframe for sale on eBay. Damaged but very little used. The ad finishes this Sunday if anyone is interested. It is currently up at £250.00 with a bid on it. It is located in Leeds, UK but i will post throughout the UK. DJI INSPIRE 1, VER: 1 DRONE - AIR FRAME ONLY...
  7. A

    Inspire 1 v2 Black Edition

    Well taken care of, maintained and tuned. I’m including everything with the kit except a lens which can be found on eBay or on Amazon. No issues with it, sound bird. Need to shoot in prores and i2 handles it better than upgrading to x5R. Includes drone, two remotes, 6 batts (one is an TB47 the...