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for sale

  1. S

    Inspire 1 Pro (RAW) with Brand New X5, 2 Batts, DJI 15mm lens, charger and case.

    Inspire 1 Pro (RAW) with Brand New X5, 2 Batts, charger and case. Inspire 1 Pro Raw w/X5 and 15mm lens. This entire unit was just shipped back to me from DJI after servicing the system and replacing a right-side arm and motor that had a crack on it. It has one test flight on it since the...
  2. W

    FS: Inspire 2 Aircraft - 2 Remotes

    Hi, I'm looking to sell my backup Inspire 2 aircraft. I will include 2 factory remotes, 2 sets of props (1 set never opened), and the factory case it came in. No camera. No batteries. No charger. This aircraft is pristine. Purchased new from Drone Nerds in Florida at the beginning of 2019. It...
  3. chriscrumley

    For Sale: DJI Zenmuse X5S - Camera with gimbal

    Gimbal + Camera + Lens + Case / Condition Like New / $1,529 / Shipping to US Address only + 6% Virginia Sales Tax if VA Resident
  4. S

    Inspire 1 V2.0 Bundle for Sale - PRICE REDUCED

    I've used it about 6 hours. I am getting a I2 with X7. Includes 6 batteries, DJI hard case, separate hard case for batteries, 2 chargers including the "gang" charger, 1 controller. X3 camera. Works fine. Price significantly reduced. Located in USA Northeast. $1000 by PayPal, GooglePay or...
  5. C


    For sale is my LIKE NEW DJI Osmo w/ Zenmuse X3 and an additional 2 extra DJI intelligent batteries. The camera was only used ONCE during a 3 day trip to San Francisco. Other than that it has been in storage. Wasn't a big fan of it and just purchased the new Osmo Pocket. Comes with all original...
  6. OverArizona

    [SOLD] Complete Mavic Turn-Key Kit

    Iv'e been busy with tower and other large structure inspections and this kit has been sitting for the past couple of months so I thought someone here might get more use out of her since I need more batteries!! LOL. It be a great B-cam/turn-key or supplement airship. Everything in this kit...
  7. S

    DJI Inspire 2 Drone, 4 Batteries (2 Extra) + 2 Sets of Props, Pristine Condition

    I am selling my DJI Inspire 2 drone with digital camouflage skin applied (it is easy to remove if desired). Like new, in pristine condition, no scratches or dings what-so-ever. I am only selling this because I no longer find myself using the drone. Only flown a total of 8 times. Drone will be...
  8. I

    Perfect condition I2 Turnkey dual operator setup, 8 Lipos, X4S & X5S, Olympus 45mm, GPC Case, 7” CS

    Selling due to lack of use. $6500 obo. Local pickup in Gainesville, FL or PayPal and ship on your dime. Complete RTF setup! Ready to work. 4 sets of lipos in great shape. Low hours. Comes with brand new, never used X5S and Olympus 45mm lens as well as a mint X4S. $600 GoProfessional case. I am...
  9. Presman

    Inspire 1 rebuild

    Hey guys. So I have an I1 v2 that's been crashed. So far my list of repairs are (1) prop,(1) vps,(2) landing gears (because I already have one and three are broken),(1) absorbing board(or can it be fixed???those little metal pieces connect to the drone), and then there is the camera. I have the...
  10. Presman

    Need parts or new drone

    I need replacement parts. I need the x5 absorbing board for the camera or (v1 board), 3 landing gears, 1 1345 quick release prop, 1 set of landing gear riser set, 1 vps, and 1 x3 camera. All for Inspire 1 v2 obviously
  11. Kirk Voclain

    4 - Inspire 1 Pro Motors - 3510 For Sale

    I have 4 motors on Ebay for sale, priced to sell. All 4 bids end in about 24 hours. Here are the links: DJI Inspire 1 PRO V2.0 Drone WM610 3510 H M2,M4 Brushless | eBay DJI Inspire 1 PRO V2.0 Drone WM610 3510 H M2,M4 Brushless | eBay DJI Inspire 1 PRO V2.0 Drone WM610 3510 H M2,M4...
  12. G

    ***SOLD*** DJI Inspire 1 v2.0 like new bundle $1599 USD

    https://squareup.com/store/handymakes/item/dji-inspire-v-bundle This very generously equipped Inspire 1 was used very lightly with 78 flights and 7.25 hours of flight time. This was purchased in 2017 as a factory refurbished unit. It works like brand new, there is no damage at all and it...
  13. Qdog

    FOR SALE $2999. Inspire Pro w/Zenmuse X5, Complete package NOTHING NEEDED

    I have a DJI Inspire 1 Pro. I bought on 8/2016. Instead of the two iPads, I had them include 2 additional TB48 batteries, bringing the total to 6 TB48 batteries plus a standard TB47 battery. The GPC case is also a landing mode case, not a travel mode. Never crashed!!! Everything You Need All...
  14. S

    *SOLD* FS: Inspire 1 Pro and 2nd transmitter

    Selling a low hour Inspire 1 v2.0 Pro with Zenmuse X5 with all original accessories and case. Also including an additional transmitter and TB48 battery. It's been used for about 5 hours of total flight time, with the second transmitter being used only 2-3 times ever. No crashes, hard landings...
  15. Presman


    Looking for a spark remote, batteries, case, ect... Let me know what you have. Thanks!
  16. S

    Inspire 1 v2: Final Drop In Price... This week only!

    Now selling above line items (minus Z3 - sold separately) for below price Less than 1 hour flight time Have used P4P for all of my jobs, wanting to purchase another P4P for backup 3/12/18 UPDATE: $2000 Now $1700 NOW $1400 USD OBO; One last price drop - $1200 USD , good through April 7, 2018 -...
  17. S

    Inspire Pro w/ Zenmuse X5, 4 Batteries, GCP Case.

    Inspire 1 Pro Zenmuse X5, Remote Controller Props converted to quick release 2 sets of props Professionally flown. 4 batteries, 1 TB47 & 3 TB48. GCP landing mode case. DJI Battery Charger US $2,250 plus shipping from FL or pick up. Have additional kits, batteries, chargers available.
  18. A

    Inspire 1 v2 Black Edition

    Well taken care of, maintained and tuned. I’m including everything with the kit except a lens which can be found on eBay or on Amazon. No issues with it, sound bird. Need to shoot in prores and i2 handles it better than upgrading to x5R. Includes drone, two remotes, 6 batts (one is an TB47 the...
  19. C

    Gear Blowout! RTF Kits: I2X5S, I1X5, I1v.2X5, S900Z15GH4, S800Z15NEx7, Freefly Octo/MoviM10/Paralinx

    RTF Kits: I2 X5S, I1 X5, I1v.2X5, S900 Z15 GH4, S800 Z15 NEx7, Freefly Octo/MoviM10/Paralinx Trying to sell each as a RTF set up, AM NOT taking offers on individual parts yet. Looking for an easy way to start a professional aerial film/photo business? I'm also considering offers for my...
  20. dkotinsky

    For Sale- X4S

    Bought for backup, Only used once to test out, make sure it works. I have Phantom 4 Pro to use as backup, dont really need this anymore. Immaculate. Works Perfect. Comes with leather box and camera. Email me [email protected] $475 , Paypal only