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  1. ASAPdrones

    Best Still photo settings for X5S?

    I hoping you can help me figure out what the best settings for some still photography with my x5s with the standard lens. Tomorrow I am going to try to take some high resolution shots of my friends white sports car holding the I2. I live in Arizona so there is a 100% chance of it being very...
  2. Rowan

    Warning! Mars 58 Parachute mounted on Inspire 1 Pro major design flaw!

    I bought the Mars 58 and mounted on my Inspire 1 Pro (Black Edition). I wish I would have checked here first. I see that am not the only Inspire owner to have this issue happen! I DO NOT RECOMMEND MARS 58 PARACHUTE. Please watch my You Tube review and help spread this warning. I am trying to...