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gimbal overload

  1. Terry Power

    Olympus 12mm vs DJI's 15mm weight/Balance

    First flight with the new 12mm. At the recommendation of B&H Foto, I added a lens hood (Olympus LH48) to offset the weight difference. Also had a UV lens as well at their suggestion. I got a "Gimbal Overload" message and the camera dropped down, pointing to the ground. Do I have too much forward...
  2. J

    X3 Yaw Servo Tough To Turn....Gimbal Overload Warning

    Anyone ever ran into a tough to turn X3 yaw on their gimbal?? Mine does not seem to be loose even at still state. It loosens up if you spin it back and forth manually for a few seconds but then stiffens back up again. It makes then video and photos very shaky and unusable while flying. Now I get...