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go app connect android

  1. Epics

    Register Go app with Chinese phone number!

    I have 2 x Samsung 7 inch monitors used only for the drone. I have the original one and a newer Galaxy Tab A6 basically bought as a spare. This is the one causing issues. I have downloaded the same DJI app on both machines and whenever I go to use it and link to my inspire 1 I get a warning I...
  2. R

    GO App connects to iPhone 6 but not to Android Tablet

    My Inspire Pro connects to my iPhone 6 without any issue but not to my newly bought tablet, a hp Slate Pro device running Android 4.4.2. However, there is no error or message or so, "the button" just doesn't change to "Camera" (instead it is always showing "How to connect..." link). From what I...