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  1. EamonUrtone

    Elevate Films Showreel

    Hi, We are proud to officially launch Elevate Films today, check out our new aerial showreel. Elevate Films Aerial Showreel All comments are welcome, please let us know what you think? Thanks Eamon Urtone - Co Founder Elevate Films Elevate Films - A fresh perspective on video promotion
  2. Highranger

    I am so disappointed with what DJI has done to the Inspire 1

    I am so disappointed in the slight of hand DJI recently have performed with the Inspire 1. After 70 flights, my Log images were so magically transformed from a dull low contrast log file as I applied my 3rd party LUT to them releasing enhanced grading ability. During the FW upgrade from 1.3 to...
  3. CiRec

    Osmo in "fast moving action"

    Here is our first Clip. I have been missing some more action in most of the clips Ive seen so far, so I decided to do some "fast moving" tests ;) Of course, this one is far from being perfect! Nevertheless it would be great to hear your comments ;) IMHO this piece in combination with the X5R...