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  1. Rocco Z

    $450 bid Osmo Pro Add-On Kit (Focus, Z-axis, iPad, batteries, more)

    eBay Link: DJI Osmo X5 PRO Add-on Kit + iPad Mini2 + Z-Axis + Focus + X5 Adapter + Batts... | eBay The perfect Inspire 1 Pro add-on kit: turn your X5 into a workhorse handheld stabilized gimbal system. Pull focus, walk/run, and view on an iPad monitor for cinema-quality stabilized footage. We...
  2. G

    Closed: DJI OSMO Handle w/X5 Adapter and more

    Included Items: Osmo Handle Base Universal Mount Phone Holder External Batterty Adapter X5 Camera Adapter You will need to add the X3 or X5 camera and external power. Will split shipping from Virginia Beach, VA
  3. 1

    FS: Osmo handle kit & Osmo Z axis

    Items are in like new condition Osmo handle kit: $250 shipped Osmo Z axis: $115 shipped Osmo handle kit includes: Original packaging, phone holder, back cap, 2 batteries & charger Osmo Z axis includes: Original packaging, back caps Free shipping to U.S. only. Will ship internationally but at...
  4. S

    New Possibility for Osmo Mobile

    This is a good, new solution for me. I've been wanting to get an Osmo Mobile for a while. However, I did NOT like that the gimbal was attached permanently. I was intrigued with the announcement of the new Osmo Mobile Silver, but still had the attached gimbal. BUT, the new Zenmuse M1 gimbal...
  5. Jacky Poon

    Inspire 1 landing handle for rough terrain

    A usefully bit of kit here for those out there looking for a set of landing handles... They are around £20 and I think you can find them on eBay, one of the older thread on here had a link but I'm struggling to find it again... (Someone post a link if they find it please?) Got mine in China as...
  6. aj3nz

    Dji Inspire 1 precut foam case

    I have a precut foam case for inspire 1 that I never used. It is a strong rolling case with precut area for 2 transmitters, ipad, 5 batteries and 2 remotes. Ships brand new in box $250 shipped.