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hard case

  1. johnarooo

    $8500 i2 Kit for $3800 - lots of extras!

    It’s listed on eBay and and Facebook but would much rather sell to someone here, if anyone is looking: DJI Inspire 2 Zenmuse X5S, GPC Hard Case, ProRes, 240GB SSD, 4 Batteries, 45mm Lens, 15mm Lens, Thunderbolt 3SSD Card Reader, 8x Carbon Fiber Folding Props, with Extras! This was lightly...
  2. S

    DJI Inspire 2 Hard Case Help Needed!!!

    I‘m looking at buying a hard case for my DJI inspire 2, since this is mainly for transport and I have a backpack for it on location all I need to fit in the box is the drone and not batteries or anthing. My question is that will my inspire 2 fit in the HPRC 2870W case for the inspire 1 or do I...
  3. MrTVR

    Sold ... Inspire 1 travel case, DJI original, very good condition.

    I have one 'light home use only' DJI Inspire 1 hard case, the one that comes with the I1 from new. Asking just £49 + carriage. New ones cost £160 and even just the foam inserts will set you back £99 new, so grab a bargain! Very good condition, just minor marks on the bottom of the case. Zip...
  4. Caseman

    New Inspire 1 Compact Carrying Case

    Hi Everybody, At Caseman we've been designing and selling custom cases for almost 20 years, and we've just developed a new carrying case for the Inspire 1 that we're really excited to release. It is just slightly larger than the stock, zip-up carrying case, but offers way more protection. The...