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  1. I

    Ooh PolarPros new app is kicking...

    Polar pros New app version on iOS is nothing short of awesome! ND filter selection, KP Chart, weather, wind, golden time timer... A must for every drone flyer.... and its free,,,
  2. I

    Understanding Exposure, and getting out of Auto

    On the quest to master the myriad of on-board tools that help get that kill shot with the DJI Drones. How to get Killer Images With DJI Mavic Pro Drone - ikopta
  3. Felipe Z. Carboni

    Photo and Video Edition

    Boa Noite á todos do Inspire Pilots. Gostaria de iniciar uma discussão sobre os melhores métodos de gravar e fazer o pós-processamento de imagens e videos com o Inspire 1/Pro/Black. Este post vai ser dedicado especificamente para quem tem interesse em trabalhar com drones.(inspire series) Eu...
  4. M

    12 images merged

    This is a composition of 12 images merged in Photoshop to create a big and detailed file, form an old train station in Mexico city. Hope you like it
  5. R

    Need some great pics/vids for my new website

    Hello All I am in the process of starting a business to take Real Estate and other images. I'd like to showcase some of the great work we see on here. 1) I want to rotate my web page headers etc frequently with new images 2) On my site will be a Gallery of all footage supplied to me, and of...
  6. ViewpointUAV

    Dumb question? Which ones are the HDR files on Inspire1?

    Hi all, been flying my I1 for nearly a year now, mostly shooting video. Have recently dipped my toe into HDR images and after shooting various shots in AEB and HDR along with single shots, I cannot seem to work out which ones are which? Have done a cmd + I (on mac), no real way of telling...