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imu calibration

  1. T

    Inspire 2 stability issues

    Ive been having some stability issues when I fly my inspire 2. When I take off there is a lot of drifting that happens even in perfect conditions. It constantly struggles to connect to more that 5-6 satellites and drifts 4-5 feet up and down when im flying and its killing me. Almost every shot I...
  2. R

    New Firmware then Full IMU, Compass and VPS Calibration?

    So I was over on the DJI forums looking for answer regarding the new DLog curves (never got an answer) but while I was reading through it seemed like everybody was lementing the fact that they were having trouble figuring out how to calibrate the VPS as if it we a manditory process. The...
  3. rdweaver

    IMU & Gyroscope & MC DataErrors

    Hi, I am having trouble with my DJI Inspire 1 with the x3 camera. These are the errors I am getting (with the x3 gimbal off): When I try to re-calibrate the IMU, it gets hung up at 2% and then gives the message System temperate too low (this is done in a room that is around 70degrees F): My...
  4. R

    IMU and Compass Calibration-How Often?

    I have been in a few forums where I spoke about recalibrating the IMU after a firmware upgrade as I was told to do by someone at DJI. I was told by virtually everyone in the Mavic forum that that was terrible advice and that I should never recalibrate unless the app tells me too. I also...
  5. Dr Jon

    IMU calibration (so much fun.. )

    I ran an IMU calibration today. First part was easy when the I2 is simply on its landing legs, but its followed by other phases that you have to hold the I2 in different positions. (on left side, nose down, nose up, on right side. Didnt take long but i wasn't prepared and the surface i chose...